Education of Law Enforcement & Animal Control


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Alabama livestock training program for law enforcement

Patterned after OH’s Farm Bureau’s Animal Ag 101 program. It is a great tool b/c in addition to teaching LEO’s about equine it connected them with local farmers and veterinarians who might be able to help them in cases of emergencies or if they just needed advice. 

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KY Livestock Investigation Training

The Council provides Livestock Investigation Training in partnership with the Ky Cattlemen’s Association. The training is offered to Animal Control Officers, Sheriffs, and other Ky law enforcement officials and prosecutors throughout the Commonwealth. A Level I class is offered once per year, and a Level II class is conducted once yearly if needed.

MD Days End Rescue Program

The Equine Cruelty Investigation Series at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) is a seminar series designed to help cruelty investigators feel confident working with and handling equines. Any cruelty investigator who does not work with horses on a regular basis would benefit from this instruction. 

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER TM) is not disaster medicine. It is not field (ditch) medicine. TLAER does NOT refer to “salvage / rescue” of neglected, starving or abused animals – although many of the techniques may be utilized on those types of scenes or in rehabilitation facilities. It is the practical Considerations, Behavioral Understanding, Specialty Equipment, Techniques, Methodologies and Tactics behind the safe extrication of a live large animal from entrapments (trailer wrecks, ditches, mud, barn fires) in local emergencies and disaster areas.