To recap where we left off last winter, the EPA is reviewing rodenticides to assess potential risks to humans and the environment. The outcome may be a restriction of what consumers can pick up, both in selection and size, at local farm supply stores to use around properties. A reclassification of products can result in a limited use by only licensed applicators. This could impact hay and grain producers, feed storage, horse facilities and livestock operations. Many Representatives signed onto the letter (see below) issued to EPA in April of this year standing against potential changes and restrictions, citing the negative outcomes if restrictions are put in place. Now Senators are asked to sign onto the letter. Please encourage your state Senators to contact Bailey Archey in Senator Hyde-Smith’s office,, to sign the letter and convey the importance about it among fellow Senate peers.
American Horse Council is remaining vigil on this issue. For further questions and status updates, please contact Brigid Shea, OR Emily Stearns,
You can click the link below image to open up the letter to read it!