On Sunday October 23rd state horse councils assembled via Zoom to hear updates from American Horse Council, to walk through the details of this new website and to formally adopt a written description of how this Coalition operates. To review details of this meeting, follow the Zoom Link below. The new “governance” document can be found under CSHC Documents and also under the Policies title within the “All Documents” menu. Don’t miss the upcoming webinars hosted by American Horse Council! November is quite busy. Those can be found on the Calendar. More details will be posted in the next blog and reviews, or summaries, can be shared there later as well. We hope you like this website and feel compelled to help support it. There’s a donation portal on the top of the Home Page!

Recording Found Here: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/bp551jQ0WvDJez_N5-7sCT-kqW38gR6QlFHppdpR-o2w7aSEK7s1-M4pfn-qolCl.LmaVcdYYBGIvAuro
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